Monday, March 07, 2005


The topics I mentioned yesterday are listed in approximately increasing order of complexity. For starters, I'm working in the other direction.

I believe there is actually a higher order of knowledge than human history, but it't not easily accessible through scholarly methods, so I won't discuss it much here.
In the areas of scholarship, history is the most complex and depends most on other areas of knowledge.
For instance, one area of world history, commonly known as "big history", starts with the "big Bang" and considers the formation of the earth, origins of man, and long-term projections into the future. Biography overlaps with history, and biographies of individuals are its building blocks. Not just individuals, but social groups are also included and mentioned. Cultural, artistic, technological, and other areas of social history, as well as family histories, educational history, economic and corporate history, and religious history are as important as governmental and political history, which has traditionally received the most attention. It is often divided by countries and regions.

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