Monday, February 20, 2006

More progress

I paid a little more attention to economics, education, and families, but the stubs I added aren't contributing a great deal to any of them.
In the area of Culture, I added a little bit more. Along with events and performing arts, I now have sports and games; along with philosophy, I have applied sciences, and material culture now has a subdivision, buildings. These will all be useful when I go back to social and institutional analysis.
In the area of Anthropology, I added a couple of new groups. Still in alphabetical order, I expanded a very little on the Abbadid Dynasty, and added the Ammasid Dynasty and Abbey Theatre to my list of particular groups. In Human geography, I started mention of Eurasia, and put demography in a position to be considered.
I also made progress in peoples. For particular individuals, I gave first place to Jesus. and I've also added a section on the human body to this latest version. In science, I've added Earth science.

This completes one of my development cycles amd makes it time to begin another. History in general refers to all the major peoples of the world, but doesn't have enough detail in particular cities or social movements to be as useful as I would like. There isn't yet enough information to be able to distinguish abrahamic from secular points of view, but this may appear later, as well as other influences of religious organization, practicee, and belief. I also don't have enough information on particular governments, strocture, activity, or law to be useful. In economics, companies are lass useful thatn economic systems. My knowledge of education and famiies is lagging a bit, and the various areas of culture are not yet very sseful. Addition of more particular groups and particular individuals is best done within particular periods of history.

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