Thursday, October 02, 2008


I finished the review of the Sciences and published the latest round of updates to the Web, so they are all now visible.

Now I've started a new round.
For History in general, I've done a little cleaning up of the history using sociology page, distributed a few nations to the various peoples, reorganized the connections to Latin peoples and to the Middle East. For the history using institutions, there weren't many new sections in the last round, so this mostly involved starting to put the companies in better order in the economics section, and cleaning up the connections to science.

Prehistory also got a little bit of cleanup and distribution of a few particular nations. Again, the Latin peoples and Middle East benefited most from the reorganization. I didn't go into particular periods of prehistory this time.

Antiquity in general got the same treatment: a few more nations connected, and a reorganization of Latin peoples and the middle east, and the connection to sciences done a little better. Likewise, I didn't go into particular millennia of history.

All of these areas need better development of social structure and change before I go into the details of such things as religion and government, but they need to be developed and connected to more recent periods of history first.

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