Saturday, January 12, 2008

I mentioned that I'd continued with my review of history.
For the second millennium BC, I added a reference to Russia, which pushed Banbladesh into Asia and Pakistan into South Asia. This also brings up connections to the Indo-European peoples that I'd love to pursue, but will have to set aside for a while

For the early first imllennium, I added a reference to Nigeria, which pushes Russia into Western peoples, which pushes Brazil into American Indian peoples for this period.

For the early classical period, I added a reference to Japan, which pushes Nigeria into African peoples.
For the late classical period, I aded Mexico, which pushes Japan into Asia, which pushes Bangladesh into South Asia, and highlights how very thin my knowledge is in this area.
For the early medieval period, I added the Philippines, which puses Mexico into American Indian peoples.
For the late medieval period, I added a connection to Vietnam, which pushes the Philippines into Asia, which pushes Japan into Oriental peoples and allwes something of a contrast with China.

For the 16th century, I added Germany, which pushes Vietnam into Asia, which pushes the Philippines into Ssoutheast Asia.
For the 17th century, I added Egypt, which pushes Germany into Western civilization, which pushes Russia into Northeastern peoples.
For the 18th century, I Added Ethiopia, which pushes Egypt into Asia, which pushes Vietnam into southeast Asia, before the French conquest.
For the 19th century, I added Turkey, which pushes Ethiopia into Africa and should have put Niteria into Western Africa, but I'm not sure remembered to do that.
For the 20th century, the addition would have been Iran, which would have pushed turken into Asia, which would have resulted in expanding the middle east, except that I have already done this.

This suggested that I start doing for the next lower divisions of peoples the same kinds of things. This has been developed to 20 year periods starting in the late 19th century. By the time I get to the early 21st century in the present day, Im at the level of adding Bangladesh, (already done), which suggests that most of the progress is going to come in earlier decade, which actually sits rather well with me.

Having gone through history, I thought to go through the peoples, add another community and another nation, and see what pushing those connections led to. As it turns out, not a great deal of change to what I already had. Among Asiatic peoples, the history is turning out to be far more satisfying, but that isn't really leading into any deepeer analysis of society, which is where I would like to go. I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm itching to subdivide nations, but since I'm going back through and adding detail, I need to get caught up to that point, again.

I also didn't see much push for improvement in religions, although I had connected most of the sudivisions of history to religion if the connection wasn't already there. I'm going to have to, in the next pass through history, form links and particular governments, as well as links to more specific areas of culture, because those are areas I need to work on.

Since I went through all this fairly quickly, I started over again with history, and this time took the trouble to add links to prehistory. A couple of those have solid information. It's also about time to publish all thes updates to the website, but I'm going to wait until Monday to do this.

In a separate matter, I did some research on the net in Astronomy, mostly related to trying to trach down how the color index of stars is related to their temperature. I'd like there to be an equation that relates them, but I couldn't find it, and access to the University library's axtronomical references is a bit difficult.

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