Friday, March 06, 2009

More inversion

In spite of the lack of updates, neither this blog nor the knowledge base has died.
I've been steadily working on the inversion project. So far, things seem to be flowing nicely. I just published the latest version.

One of the difficulties keep struggling with is that my process of development has seemed too rigidly mechanical, where a natural flow of topics according to how they are related to one another would probably be more useful. Some topics are more closely related than others.
So far, this approach seems to be working. For instance, in history, the emphasis is on modern history, and on the 20th century in particular. In discussion of the various peoples of the world, I have been emphasizing Western civilization, and Europe in particular. Development of the institutions still has a heavy emphasis on religion, but that seems to be under developed anyway. Cultural topics, which have been hard for me to get to because they are in the middle are developing better. One of the first new pages prompted by this version is in the area of European geography. I haven't worked down to the personal studies or biography much yet, that may take a little longer. The sciences are a bit slower to develop.

Visits to the knowledge base have been declining over the past few months, probably because I haven't put many updates up. I revised the site map somewhat, to try to make it easier for search engines and the like to index it. I suppose I'll see if that helps.

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