Thursday, April 02, 2009

More notes

As well as surrendering voluntary control, I've also given up on complete predictability.
I've been going though Asiatic peoples in support of history in general. I've finished this cycle's consideration of history in support of sociology, and I am now looking at the institutions. I finished a cycle of aids for peoples of the world and begun a new one, so this will give my more support of history. Institutions in general are now being considered by using culture. Particular governments have finished a cycle of development and I have begun another. Culture in general is finished with the historical review for this cycle, and I am looking at sociology. Anthropology is working through institutions. The personal studies section has finished a review of aids, and I have begun another cycle, starting as usual with history.

Abrahamic religion, secularism, schools, material culture, and biography are on the edge of requiring new reviews using other aids. Others are fairly close, but not quite as close as these. However, a surge of demand may move one of them into being considered first.

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