Thursday, April 30, 2009

More history

I took a sweep through antiquity, and got the existing connections to European nations established and regularized. I also had most of Asia organized, and what's left involves the breaking down of Southeast Asia the way I have already mentioned. The next pass through will involve arranging peoples of Africa. I got just as far in Classical and Medieval history, except that have a connection to Balkan peoples. Still no Greece, which is going to be a pain when I get into the details. I also did the same kind of cleanup on early classical and late classical periods that I did with the four and a half millennia of antiquity.

I also started a review of Sociology. There wasn't much to it, except that I am going to be looking more at institutions and culture. For peoples of the world, I attempted a historical review, and so far, I have mostly four out of six divisions of Western Civilization, and Asia except for Southeast Asia, which I already new. I got the connections to cities as far as they have been included, which provides an incentive to start doing more of them.

I added four new nations, the Central African Republic; Moldova, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. I had to look up were Moldova is; it's wedged in between Ukraine and Romania, north of the Black Sea, and used to be part of the USSR. These are also not very high on the list of important nations I have to include, at least, not yet. I needed to finish out the list of links of Middle Eastern groups in order to categorize these, and went ahead and added links to Southeast Asian groups.

I also started a review of Western Civilization, which is well enough done already, and for all my sweeping, doesn't have enough new information to prompt any rewrites of the history I already have. I did get the list of nations that need to be linked almost up to the current list, and should have that on the next pass through. I also reviewed the connections to peoples, and got Asia linked up, with the new southeast Asian groups also.On the next pass, I'll do a review of Africa. I also got the list of cities of Western Civilization up to where it is current: The next pass, I intend to must most of these down into the subdivisions of Western Civilization. I didn't start these particular subdivision yet, that's the next part.

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