Monday, April 13, 2009

More progress

I meant to do something closer to a daily update of my prograss, but that hasn't been working.
History has been moving fairly rapidly; I reviewed connections to social structure and change, religion, and am at present looking through government. Prehistory, antiquity, classical and medieval history including the late medieval period, modern history including the 20th century, and the future have each had a little work done in them, but a great deal.

Sociology has prompted prog progress in government and parts of economics, but hasn't been going as fast as it was earlier. More progress has come in specific peoples, where I have been working through history and into connections with social structure and change. I have also finished a cucle of development of Western Civilization and begun another. Anglic and Latin peoples and Asiatic peoples have had some development. There has been a little progress with communities, and Social structure and change also finished a cycle, and I started another.

Istitutions in general have been referred to often enough to finish a major cycle of development and begin another. Religion has had a little development, and I inverted several pages and added them to the development program; Orthodoxy, Buddhism, and Taoism. Government has had a little development, and Diplomacy, heads of state, and executive systems have been brought into the program. Economic networks and Wal-Mart have also been included.

There was comparatively little development in Anthropology or in personal studies, except for bringing in social structure and change. Physical geography, Solar System astronomy, Chemistry, and physics have been inverted and added to the program, which means that all the second-order subdivisions have development in place.

Over a dozen areas are hanging on the edge of finishing a cycle so a new one can begin.

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