Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Slogging around the world

Sometimes it feels like it. Going through the various countries is often much more tedious than I expect when I do an overview. Nevertheless, it has to be done. I went through Western Civilization (which as the reader may recall is still mostly Europe since I'm dealing with ancient history and prehistory), and got links to web sites for the largest nations. The Middle East required inverting a couple of countries, but I keep imigining I've done more than I actually have for most of the rest of Asia.

I did finally get to African peoples, and tackled dividing up those nations. Here, I'm dealing with modern colonial-based nations, since I have only the haziest notions of native African peoples. This wasn't so hard to set up as I thought it would be. There is a UN-recognized Geographic region of West Africa which corresponds nicely to the way I had things broken down, except that the Mahgreb region I consider part of North Africa, which I am treating as culturally part of the Middle East. I moved Cameroon to Central Africa, since it seems to fit slightly better there. That left me with three regions: Southern Coastal West Aforca, with nations on the south side of the "bulge" of Africa, the Western West Coast, witn nations mostly on the western coast of the bulge, and Interior Western Africa, mostly those land=locked nations in the interior. A had thought about dividing these up by the countries that colonized them, but this kind of division would be broken up geographically and heavily biased toward nations of French colonial origin, and give even less attention to native African peoples than one based on geographic regions. This is a rough first draft, anyway. With all nations, closer tattention will have to be given to particular peoples within them.

I also added four more cities to the city list, and got to the end of the list, so I went to the City population site to notes note which ones will be coming next.
The next part shoud go a little more quickly.

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