Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rattle, Rattle

That was the feeling I got, speeding through history to add a few more nations to the major periods, and going through the centuries of modern history. I used to go through these adding one nation at a time, which was a snail's pace. Now I'm up to tortoise speed. There aren't many new insights, but this finally included some connections to what will be the early colonial period of Latin America.

The next most significant improvement was a revision of the paragraph introducing the modern history of Western Civilization, and getting that page properly linked back to the ones that refer to it. Filling proper detail for the subdivisions of Western Civilization and the specific centuries, to go to another level of detail, is only partly done.

Another one was sorting out the connections of English speaking peoples to Africa. Instead of a flat dozen nations, I have these connections sorted out by region. I still haven't reached more specific connections, but I'm getting closer.

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