Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update Time

After struggling with planning of what work needs to be done most and taking a couple of passes through historical periods to clean them up a little, I would up rewriting the main index page of the knowledge base, and separating out the sociology aids from prehistory and antiquity, and did an update of the whole thing last night, so all the changes I've made in the past month or so are now visible.

As soon as I did that, I promptly went back to work on the knowledge base itself, and specifically on prehistory and antiquity. I know have these to the point where and end is in sight, that is, these are almost connected to the full range of nations and peoples. There is still some work to do: For instance, the 124 nations need to have a few more that are historically significant, and in sight doesn't mean there yet. However, this will be helpful. The next major work will be reviewing history of all these nations: Very few of them have actually been inverted as the rest of the knowledge base has, to go from complex to simpler aids. In addition to reviewing their history, I also want to establish links to topics of social structure and change, and these need to have historical sketches and examples from particular peoples. There will also need to be links to the grand systems of the world; religions, government, and economics.

I expect to be able to carry on informed discussion of these topics. Grand themes are nice, but they seem to be hardly a topic for social chat.

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