Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Science again

Some of the of the human body in scientific study are related to its overall shape and size: We are not well equipped to observe the very large or the very small. Before I can apply psychology, I need to at least expand one of its current areas of study, consciousness. My list of prominent and influential scientists is all too short, but its important to have one as a foundation for other areas, such as social interaction among scientists. I also don't yet have a list of important scientific groups. I haven't studied many of the Indo-European languages for their usefulness in science and need to work on this. I have looked over the collection of scientific literature where I am and at other places, but don't have favorites to recommend yet. For most purposes, I can begin study of literature with the Bible, but it is not very useful for science. I also need to look more closely at drawing, arithmetic, measurement, and philosophical schools and doctrines, scientific expeditions, and means of written communication. Particular famlies, Higher education, companies (such as British Petroleum), international government, and secularism as a religious-philosophical system. Western cities, the United States, and current scientific events (2001-2006) are also areas where should be able to report progress.

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