Monday, January 23, 2006


I've begun reformulating my approach to the subject, and so far it seems to be working more happily. The study of sociology is closely connected to history, and it is possible to trace a degree of progress from prehistory through antiquity. In this round of studies, I'm adding the late classical period, from 1 CE to 500 CE to studies of the classical and medieval period in sociology, and the 16th century, which will complete a survey of the modern period. In the 20th century, I'm also adding preliminary consideration of the Vietnam Era. I've also prepared this for more detailed consideration of particular religions, particular governments, companies, and particular schools. The areas I call Behavioral culture, including events, conceptual culture, and material culture can also be sketched. Areas of Anthropology including particular groups and human geography, personal studies including biography, and possible direct applications of science may also be useful.

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