Friday, September 05, 2008

19th and early 20th century

For the 19th century in general, I made a few connections within social structure and change, institutions, culture, and anthropology. I also did a substantial amount of work with biographies, and now have all of them distributed to particular periods of the 19th century. In the divisions, I did some work with Germany. For now, I'm looking mostly at Asiatic peoples. I did some with Egypt, Turkey, and Iran that gives something of a better foundation for their importance in the 20th Century. I did some connections in Southest Asia including the Philippines and Vietnam. Yes, I decided that its history before the French occupation was looking into after all. For Thailand, I took note of when its current boundaries were settled. In Africa, Ethiopia required a little bit of study. Connections with religion, culture, and Anthropology were made.

The 20th century didn't advance connections with particular nations at the general level much, since these are all well advanced, but connections within social structure and to applied science and demography were made. Some of the particular divisions dealt with France, Turkey, Iran and Congo, and I have reached the point where I can resume working with the United Kingdom. In the early 20th century I created a stub page for the early 1910. For the early mid 20th century I have started a more solid connection to the United States.

The mid 20th century is more of a challenge, and required a little more of a careful look into the United States, Brazil, China, India, and Indonesia. I still don't have much on the World War II period, but more of the Cold War is starting to show up.

I didn't make any progress on linking individuals to other areas, except for the 19th century to particular periods, but that counts. I intend to do the same for the 18th century next time I go through it, and in the meantime do more connecting to other areas as I get to them..

For anyone looking at the Independent Learning Forum, access is temporarily shut down while I work on getting the new version up. I should have it back in another day or two.

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