Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time gets away

I had intentions of doing a summary of daily progress, but once I skip a day, it just sort of piles up. I've pushed connections with the early 20th century back and widened those of the early mid 20th century. Useful information doesn't really begin until the mid 20th century, and I have some widening access to the Cold War. The late-mid 20th century is also connected. In the late 20th century, the pages for a year by year record are extending to earlier times. I've also picked up the quarter-by quarter summaries beginning in 2005, and month-by-month for 2008, and I've also done some work on the future.

For sociology, I've done a little bit of updating on the history of sociology, although it's still a bit sparse on detail. I've also revised the history of peoples of the world, to include quite a bit more detail than I had before, with a little more rewriting yet to go. I'm nearly done connecting my list of biographies to peoples of the world. Western Civilization is being handled indirectly through history and other subjects, and I'm about a third of the way through lining biographies of people prominent in Western Civilization to that area. For Anglic peoples I linked a couple of biographies. I did get a number of pages for states added to the USA, and I expect to be working in those a little more.

Latin peoples are where I made a little bit more detailed progress. I decided (again) to rearrange the order I was presenting them in. I had a list of countries that hadn't yet been assigned to particular groups. French peoples no longer include just a single country. Most of the countries went to Hispanic peoples and I finally decided that a semi-historical division was in order:
Spain itself, and then Hispanic Mexican, Hispanic Colombian, Hispanic Peruvian, and Hispanic Argentine. These four groups plus Brazil make up Latin American, and part of the reason for dividing them this way is that they roughly correspond to the viceroyalties of the Spanish American Empire. There wasn't much to add to other groups of Western Civilization this time around.

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