Monday, September 22, 2008

Social structure and change, and institutions

I took a pass through social change, social types, and social structure. About all I can say is that I made fairly minimal progress except for connections to particular nations and various high-level pages, although including them into the development cycle was an achievement in itself...some of the lower level pages hadn't been touched since last December.
I also took the main institutions page, went into history, and updated the discussion of the histories of religion, government, economics, and educations. This is still frightfully superficial, until I can get to those subjects and dig further in. I also separated out a page for the application of sociology to institutions, so that the main page for institutions looks a little more like the main pages for history and sociology itself. I did a little bit of filling in connections to culture. I thought about adding more connections to individuals, since those are on the general program, but the list of individuals is already getting lengthy, and I want to cut it down a bit by moving some of these individuals to particular institutions.
Next up, Religion, an area I've been anxious to get back to.

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