Saturday, September 20, 2008

Non-Western History

I did the separation of Oriental history from the rest of the discussion of Oriental peoples that I had planned. I also took a quick glance through Central Asian and Southeast Asian peoples, but didn't do much with them. Southeast Asian peoples are nearly ripe for subdivision.
I also separated out African history from African peoples. Western Africa and Eastern Africa are also nearly ripe for subdivision, but I will need to add more nations, and I'm holding back a little on this until I have more history.
I also separated American Indian history from American Indian peoples, and added a link I've been meaning to add for some time, that gives an overview of the various American Indian cultures. I expect to be going into more detail on these in the future, but didn't do much with them on this time through.
I also reviewed the Social structure and change pages. I paid special attention to giving more content to the history section, but it's still much too superficial, and I will need to go into more detail of social change, social types, and social structure. This is better connected to religion and Government, though. I'm particularly interested in a connection with mathematics that may be coming up the next round through this subject.

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