Monday, September 01, 2008

Recent 20th century

Within the late-mid 20th century, (1961-1980) I have more developments of the larger nations (India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Russia). Within the late 20th century, (1981-2000) I have developments for Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria, Japan, and Mexico. I've also extended year by year developments back to 1996 and have the US connected to 2000. There have been various connections to science, personal studies, and anthropology, and some to education and economics.

I also have all the individuals on my top 110 list connected to Sociology, so that's one step toward the connections to "where". There is a batch of connections to periods of the 18th century, a batch of connections to peoples of the world, and a batch of connections to institutions in general I want to examine, so there's still plenty to do there.

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